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Manage MongoDB in your own data center

MongoDB Enterprise
On-Premise Management

Deploy, monitor, backup and scale MongoDB in a Private Cloud through your own custom controller version.

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ScaleGrid MongoDB Cloud Monitoring Console


Increase Infrastructure Security

Protect your data with a bulletproof, on-premise infrastructure.


Optimize IT Consumption

Reduce IT consumption and pay only for the capacity you actually need.


Access Advanced DBA Tools

Equip your IT team with advanced database management tools.

MongoDB Enterprise Management Tools

Get the flexibility of the cloud with the advanced control of your own data center through our advanced ERP software.

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Slow Query Analysis

Analyze database ops with debugging and tracking tool.

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Custom Alerts

Create and customize unlimited alerts on any database metric.

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Disk Compression

Keep disks compact with rolling and on-demand compression.

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Automated Backups

Scheduled and on-demand backups with one-click restores.

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High-Performance SKU

SSD-based instances for high write throughput clusters.

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Monitoring Console

Keep on top of your databases with advanced monitoring tools.

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Private and Hybrid Clouds

Deploy MongoDB on private cloud and hybrid cloud environments with the only database as a service (DBaaS) platform that lets you manage both public clouds and on-premise from a single console. All environments are completely customizable and controlled exclusively under your administrative access.

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MongoDB Hosting on AWS

The easiest way to deploy, monitor, backup, and scale MongoDB on AWS.

  • Bring Your Own AWS Account
  • AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPC)
  • Reserved Instances
  • Horizontal Shard Scaling

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MongoDB Hosting on Azure

The easiest way to deploy, monitor, backup, and scale MongoDB on AWS.

  • Bring Your Own Cloud Account
  • Azure Virtual Networks (VNET)
  • Reserved Instances
  • Horizontal Shard Scaling

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MongoDB Development/Testing

MongoDB Shared Hosting

$10/GB highly-available for light-production workloads dev/test environments:

  • 3-Node Replica Set
  • WiredTiger Storage Engine
  • Snappy Compression
  • Unlimited Databases

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