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Service for Hosting MongoDB® Database
Save time and money. Easily deploy, monitor, backup and scale hosted MongoDB® databases with high availability and dedicated servers. No credit card required, start free:

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ScaleGrid Benefits for Hosting MongoDB® Database

 Host MongoDB in your own AWS account

Get High Performance Clusters

Host MongoDB® database through top cloud providers: AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean

 Easily scale MongoDB clusters on AWS

Easily scale with no downtime

Save thousands by dynamically scaling your CPU, memory, and disk size

 Automate MongoDB backups and recoveries on AWS

Secure your MongoDB® database

Encrypt your MongoDB® database "data at rest" and backups, and keep full admin access

Best Tools for Hosting MongoDB® Database

The best hosting platform for MongoDB® database - see why we're trusted by thousands of developers across the world:

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Automated Monitoring

Slow query analysis, schema analysis, custom alerts, and more.

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Dedicated Servers

Host MongoDB® database on dedicated cloud servers.

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No-Downtime Migration

Easily import live data workloads for free with zero downtime.

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Reserved Instances Savings

Lower long-term hosting costs up to 75% with Reserved Instances.

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High Availability

Automate failover procedures with high-availability support.

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MongoDB® Database Admin

Full MongoDB® database admin control with SSH root access.

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MongoDB® Database Sharding

Easily scale horizontally by adding and removing shards.

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Automate Backups & Restores

Get scheduled and on-demand backups, and one-click restores.

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Database Hosting Customer Testimonials


Mason Blake


ScaleGrid was the perfect solution for us. It allowed us to bring our own AWS account and utilize our AWS hosting credits.


Benjamin Silberglitt

Director, Software Applications | TIES

We are delighted to be working with ScaleGrid. Having their team at our side gives me one less thing to worry about. The support has been outstanding!


Taylor Luk

Founder & CEO |

I never have to login to my AWS console or terminal to manage my MongoDB. I can grow my data storage capability in a few clicks.

ScaleGrid DBaaS Pricing

Start today for only $20/month! Easily setup your fully managed and hosted MongoDB® database to start saving time and money.

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Get started with the best DBaaS for hosting MongoDB® database to easily deploy, monitor, backup and scale your clusters with free 24/7 support. Start free for 30 days, no credit card required:


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ScaleGrid is a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB® database on AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean. The fully managed platform automates your database management, monitoring and maintenance so you can focus on product instead of operations. ScaleGrid is used by thousands of developers, startups and enterprise companies, including UPS, Accenture and Adobe, and has deployed across 6 continents and over 70 countries.

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